The Tao of Trade Shows

“Tao” is roughly translated from the Chinese as “The Way”. But more accurately, it is the way of acting in concert with universal principles to achieve greater success through ‘effortless’ effort. Much like the “zone” spoken of in athletics or the driving analogy of “firing on all cylinders”, The way to peak performance is working to help all the parts contribute to the success of the whole.yinyanglarge

The Tao of trade shows is a program designed to find new paths to the common goal of success and profitability in the trade show industry. Combining years of industry experience and observation with ancient and modern principles of group and universal dynamics, Thomas Event Services aims to raise the bar on Customer Service and staff support while effecting a positive and measurable contribution to your event.

To achieve the same goal we have been aiming for, we sometimes need to look beyond the standards and conventions and seek new non-traditional paths towards that goal. By working together across boundaries and towards a common goal, the positive energy of your event can be raised and the return in profitability and success can be tremendous.

  • Training, educational programs and seminars.
  • Partner across industry disciplines and organizations.
  • Innovative solutions to common challenges
  • New ways to look at and achieve success.

As a result of my unique experiences and insights, I have developed a philosophy of service that I call “The Tao of Trade Shows.” Tao is roughly translated as The Way”, but more accurately, it is the way of working with universal laws and principles that brings about a seamless and seemingly effortless excellence in life’s endeavors.  I am most satisfied when I am able to use my experience, insight and experience to assist your customers and staff and help to make their work easier and more enjoyable.  I work closely with contractors and vendors as well as facility management, to insure a trouble free floor. Additionally, I am always able to help out I other areas and can often resolve problems and issues quickly and to the satisfaction of all involved. In fact, I pride myself on understanding and respecting the role that all participants play and use that insight to get people to cross boundaries and, think outside themselves and work together to achieve a positive benefit . I call this philosophy the Tao of Trade shows, and would love the opportunity to expand on it with you as well as tell you about my plans to expand my service based upon it. tmweb_r13_c1