Thomas Event Services will provide the following duties of the traditional floor manager:

  • Check floor marks against plans to insure accuracy
  • Monitor the progress of operations on the show floor and act to insure adherence to the production schedule. Act to correct any deviation in the schedule and/or plan.
  • Enforce show rules and regulations (in a courteous and respectful way)
  • Assist exhibitors and provide customer service
  • Act as a liaison between exhibitors, contractors, facilities, labor and show management
  • Monitor security
  • Resolve conflicts and disputes in a diplomatic way
  • Act as a representative of show management on the show floor
  • Report to show management on all of the above, and keep them abreast of situations

We would also like to introduce a new paradigm in floor management services, and raise the standard of customer service and assistance:

  • Take the time to explain show rules and regulations, as well as the benefit of following them.
  • Advise exhibitors on ways to be more efficient, to save money and to reap greater rewards from their trade show experience.
  • Assist show management and staff whenever possible, especially when such requests fall outside the normal duties of your position. Be flattered that such requests honor your experience and capabilities.
  • Maintain a positive attitude and upbeat outlook and encourage all participants to seek out the positive elements of the trade show and special event industry.
  • Greet attendees cheerfully, let them know they are appreciated and respected customers, help them in any way possible.
  • Hold meeting to discuss and develop new and better ways to address challenges and concerns
  • Provide post show reports to record the important events and occurrences, and to make recommendations or report the recommendations of others.