Project Management

Every event professional  wishes they had another person or an additional team at one time or another. It’s inherent in the industry that you never have enough help!. Routine tasks and planning move along easily, but as you get closer to the date of the event, the amount of work increases exponentially – and that is before you even get on-site.

Thomas Event Services can provide that ‘as needed’ assistance, and save you time and money, while increasing profits and efficiency. How? By giving you the ability to staff-up during key times, you save on the costs of full-time personnel. By providing you with someone who is an expert at the tasks at hand, you gain instant valuable experience, which increases customer service and staff efficiency. And by allowing you and your staff to concentrate on the more important matters, we allow you to improve customer relations and increase sales. 


Some of the areas we may assist you in are:

  • Feature areas that require special attention such as internet cafes and fashion shows
  • Special marketing and promotion programs
  • Sponsorship Management – Treat sponsors with the dedication and attention they expect.
  • Freight/Drayage Coordination – One of the most perplexing and frustrating areas to exhibitors and staff.
  • Or any area that you need special assistance with. We will be glad to listen to your ideas and plans and explain how we may be of assistance.

To request a proposal, please Contact Us.

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